Invention Manager™


Invention Disclosure Robotic arm

Disclosure Form:

AppColl® invention disclosure form is fully customizable to meet your needs so that you can collect the information you need to make quick a decision on patent filing for an idea. You can include up to 48 questions with responses that can be free-form text, drop-down list selections or dates. The text and description of each question is entirely up to you.

When completing the form, Inventors can add as much text as they desire to answer each question. You can make some form fields required, some optional. You can also setup meta-data such as products, keywords and technologies that inventors can select from to categorize their ideas. If supporting documents are required for a disclosure, Inventors can easily drag and drop documents into the form.

Disclosure Form Features:

Disclosure Tracking

Track disclosures by product lines, technologies and meta keywords. Create custom tags that fit your business. Tag disclosures on the fly. Report on this data within seconds.

Import Existing Disclosures

We can easily import your existing disclosures from any spreadsheet file.

Categorize Information

Easily set up categories for inventors to use to submit their ideas.