Intellectual Property Optimized

No Downloads. No Software to Install

Some cool facts you should know


AppColl® is Cloud Native

No Software to download or install. Our servers are located in the United States. Data is stored encrypted using 256 Bit AES and is backed up every 4 hours.


We are a subscription Service

No long term contracts. We charge a monthly subscription.


Our products integrate with one another

AppColl® Invention Manager™ and Prosecution Manager™ fully integrate with one another. This allows customers to view their Intellectual Property from idea through prosecution and into obsolescence.


AppColl® Integrates with the USPTO, TSDR & eSpacenet

AppColl® has the ability to pull data automatically from the United States Patent Office, TSDR and ESpacenet.


AppColl® is a modular based system

AppColl® is a series of modules that perform certain functions. Available modules perform Docketing, Invention Disclosures, IDS and Prior Art, Cloud Document Storage, Billing/Expenses, Conflicts and Contact Management. All-in-one Intellectual Property Management software.

Frequently Asked Questions​

I’ve used patent management tools before and they cost too much and are hard to use…is Appcoll® different?

We hear this everyday and it’s why we exist. We built AppColl® utilizing modern cloud-based technology to make it accessible, affordable and easy. What does that mean? First, as AppColl® is a cloud application, you can access your information from any device, anywhere, using any browser. AppColl® works well on PCs, Macs, iPads, Android tablets and any other device that has a browser and access to the internet. We test the system on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. We don’t install any software on your device, so really all you need is a working browser. If you’re on vacation or away from the office, it doesn’t matter. If you have access to the Internet you have access to all your information. Second, utilizing cloud computing allows us to deliver the best product with the best support at affordable prices. We’re able to take your feedback and suggestions, incorporate it into the system and easily deliver it rapidly to all of our customers.

This means much faster turnaround for any new features or problem resolutions. And with cloud computing, servers and storage are on an as-needed basis and scale as our customers grow so we always have enough capacity to meet your needs. We’re able to do this with plans for Prosecution Manager, starting from $100/month. Lastly, AppColl® was designed from the start to be easy-to-use. The features and functionality are what our customers told us they needed and in a couple of training sessions we get you ready to go. If you need more…no problem. We’ll do as many as you need…free of charge. We want you to feel we’re part of your team.

I need a new patent/trademark management system, but I don’t have the time to switch or learn a new system!

We deal with this everyday so that you don’t have to…so don’t worry. We have an automated process whereby we import your patent and trademark cases with as little as the application (or serial number) and client. We download and import most of your patent and trademark cases from PAIR and TSDR and thus make the information complete and accurate according to the USPTO. It typically takes a day or two to import the data, check it and clean it up and you’re ready to go. If you find you’ve forgotten some cases or want to make some changes later, just let us know and we’re happy to do it for you. It’s very common for a client to import all their information to AppColl® then decide they want to change the attorney reference for all cases because the new firm does it differently than the old firm. No problem…we’re used to it and it’s easy to change.

As far as learning the system, we’ll train you using your data in the system with as many sessions as you need. Typically we find that a couple of sessions do the trick. We also have videos, FAQs and a very convenient support comment feature in the system to help with any questions you may have.

How safe is my data and how easy is it for me to get my information out of the system?

This is important. We feel strongly that the information in your account in AppColl® is your data, it should be well protected, and you should have access to it at all times. All data in AppColl® is accessed over a secure https link behind a secure login. The data in your account is stored in a physically separate database file from all other customers. This ensures that you only see your data. These database files are accessed through a separate software access layer with its own separate authentication to further protect your data. All documents are stored encrypted at rest using the latest technologies. We maintain a fully redundant backup site geographically separated from the primary site to provide the best service availability in all situations. We also back up your data daily in two different physical locations.

Every module in AppColl® has an “Export” link. With a couple of clicks, you can download all of your data to a .CSV (Comma Separated Value) file on your local hard drive. You can use the .CSV files as a local back-up of your data or you can generate custom reports containing any piece of data from your account. Also, if you ever want a complete copy of all of your information all you have to do is ask. We’ll provide you with an SFTP login to download a complete copy of your data.