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Billing Module Monitor

Billing Module:

AppColl® Billing module is a full feature billing, invoicing and accounting system built specifically for Intellectual Property professionals. Law firms can track their time, easily invoice their clients and receive payments.

Corporations can load billing information from law firms and track spending. The Billing module is completely integrated with the other modules in AppColl® so you can leverage all of the data you have already entered. No more transferring data to or from other systems, or having to work with different products with different interfaces. Easily import invoices and sync data with Quickbooks.

Add your billing items manually, or use the timer in AppColl® to put yourself or a particular task on the clock. Custom build invoices based on your criteria. Users pick how much detail to include in invoices, based on client preferences. With the click of a button, preview the invoice before actually committing the changes, modify it on the fly if needed, then save it. AppColl® will create a PDF copy of the invoice as well as a LEDES electronic billing file for you clients that require it. Our LEDES files are both 1998b and 2.0 compliant. Create unlimited billing reports including amounts billed, amounts collected, aging reports, billing efficiencies and much more.

Billing Module Features:

Billing Item Types

Create individual billing items for flat fees, hourly fees, expenses, adjustments, write-offs, retainers, client payments, percentage discounts and more. Easily defer invoicing of a particular item to a later invoice.

Electronic Invoicing

AppColl can generate LEDES electronic invoices for your clients. Our LEDES files meet the 1998b and 2.0 formats.

Customizable Billing Rates

Set default and client-specific hourly rates for each timekeeper. Maybe your normal billing rate is $350, but you bill one client at $325 and another at $275. AppColl will automatically bill each client at the rate set within the system. Easily override the default rate as needed.

Fee and Expense Caps

Place fee and expense caps on individual matters or tasks. If you exceed the cap, AppColl will automatically adjust an invoice to deduct the overage.

Billing Reports

Generate billing reports for clients, partners, paralegals, human resources and more. Choose from 20+ display items and filters for creating custom reports in seconds. Create reports as PDF documents, CSV files or send them as emails.

Invoice Summaries

See all your invoices in a single screen summary view. Sort by data fields such as client, status, date and amounts due. Quickly see how much money your clients still owe.

Billing Timers

AppColl provides a Timer button at the top of every page. Start and stop multiple timers associated with multiple billing items. Pause one timer and start the next without missing a single billable minute.


Point and click to create professional looking invoices in seconds. Show as much or as little information as you want, such as matter summary, timekeeper summary, past due amounts, billing against retainer amounts and adjustments. AppColl allows you to specify many details in your invoice such as percentile discounts and tax rates.


Enter retainers received from a client and bill individual matters or invoices against them. Invoices can display the retainer payments. Overpayments are automatically turned into a retainer. Send invoices requesting a retainer.

QuickBooks® Online Integration

Have a QuickBooks® Online account? Quickly and efficiently sync your AppColl invoices with QuickBooks® Online.