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Tasks Module: Docketing

AppColl’s flexible Docketing system allows you to docket and track all types of matters and internal workflows. AppColl® provides docketing rules to calculate due dates automatically for U.S. Patents & Trademarks as well as PCT patent applications through national phase entry. Easily enter due dates for foreign matters after your receive them from your foreign associate.

You can also easily extend the existing docketing rules or add custom  ones. The Tasks module is a full-featured Docketing System.

AppColl® will generate docket tasks and calculate due dates automatically, based on many different events in the system. For example, you can trigger a task to be generated when the issue date in a matter changes, or if another task completes. You can implement almost any workflow easily using AppColl® task rules.

You have powerful communication tools built into the Tasks module. You can associate emails with tasks such that an email is sent when a task is created. These emails can also be populated with information from your database, providing a “mail-merge” feature to make your emails specific and personal. Create daily docketing reports with ease.

The Tasks module provides single page access to all of your docketing items or tasks. It provides both summary and detailed views. The summary view provides a complete list of all upcoming or past due docketing tasks. Sort tasks by type, due date, owners and more. Choose from dozens of displayable columns for each task. Generate docket reports for individuals, clients, managing partners and more. You can color code tasks by due dates and types for for easy identification.

The detailed docket view provides, single screen access to all the information associated with a task including due date, extendable deadline due dates (if available), fee and expenses caps, links to documents associated with the task, and more.

Tasks Module Features:

Task Summary View

The task summary view provides a single page snapshot of all upcoming and past due tasks. See firm wide tasks or tasks owned by specific individuals. Easily filter tasks by due date, matter type, task type, deadline type, matter type and dozens of other data points. Create a 30/60/90 day docket report in seconds. Color code tasks to quickly visualize task deadline types and due dates. For example, highlight tasks due in the next 7 days with red, next 14 days in orange, next 30 days in yellow.

Task Detail View

See full details of a task including due date, deadline type, fee and expense caps, owner, task triggering-event information, and more. Upload a document, such as a PDF copy of an Office Action, and associate it with any task, such as a “Respond to Office Action” task. Set fee and expense caps for individual tasks.

Automatic Task Generation

AppColl includes hundreds of task types for U.S. Patent & Trademark Law, and PCT Law through national phase entry. Each task’s rules use triggering events to automatically create docketing items and additional settings to automatically calculate the due date.

Custom Task Rules

Create custom task rules to automatically handle foreign patent law, internal reminders, client reminders, or anything else you may want to add. Manually add custom task to matters, or automate them to generate from one or more triggering events.

Custom Notifications

Create custom email notifications or calendar entries for any task type. For example, send automated client reporting emails to attorneys for notifying their clients when an Office Action is received or when an annuity payment in due. Create “mail merge” type notifications by including information from your AppColl account.

Daily Docketing Emails

Easily create docketing reports for all upcoming tasks. Only worry about this week’s tasks or everything up to six months. Customize what you want to see with ease. Create docketing reports of your specific tasks or all tasks for your matters even if others are responsible.

Schedule docket reports to email you daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Receive reports as PDFs or spreadsheet files.